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Hatred of the Jews Hatred of the Jew: Why and When Did the Barrage Begin?

Joining an in-depth probe into the “why” of the world’s oldest hatred--along with the stark reality that the first 4 nuclear families in Scripture give us 1 homicide, 2 attempted homicides plus two fraternally spawned never-the-twain-shall-meet competing ideologies that edge into eternity--the nuances of both Jew and Gentile natures play out in“Hatred of the Jew” with intriguing answers as to the “why”. And finally the notorious serpent of Genesis Three rounds out the story.

By Victor Schlatter
Published by Evergreen Press
Genetically Modified Prophecies Genetically Modified Prophecies

As an end-of-days boarding call, Genetically Modified Prophecies is a gem of the genetics that brings a homing pigeon back to her nest, or a long-lost doggie 2000 miles back to his master after supposedly forever lost. Ironically NASA now uses similar clues in deep-space probes, not unlike the genius of Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning, God…" GMP is new; GMP is for real. And it suits our sub-title: Whatever Happened to all the Sand and Stars God Promised to Abraham?

By Victor Schlatter
Published by Evergreen Press
Nineveh Nineveh: A Parody of the Present-Biblical Clues to the Rise and Fall of America

Nineveh, a Parody of the Present scans all 5 Ancient Superpowers across the biblical timeline, how long they lasted and what they did to finally fall. Then, viewing today’s fate of an unraveling Europe that never did totally survive Rome, we lastly compare a USA reincarnation of Babylon in history’s final curtain call on a humanity presuming to be God. Biblical Clues to the Rise and Fall of America.

By Victor Schlatter
Published by Evergreen Press
Who Told You that You Were Naked?

Who Told You that You Were Naked? was first asked in the despair of Eden’s dire U-turn. Mama Eve’s detour of destiny was doomed from the start, but the Wisdom of Solomon framed the future. There would be nothing new under the sun! True to the wise King’s insight, Greek philosophy truly did channel a willful West down the wrong side of a Great Divide between Eastern and Western world-view, and a fallen world continues to be birthed guess how? Naked! From the Fall of Adam to the Rise of the Antichrist.

By Victor Schlatter
Published by Destiny Image, Inc.
Showdown of the Gods Showdown of the Gods

Showdown of the Gods runs a catwalk showcasing the challengers from godless pretenders to politicians—from an agenda-manipulated media to a One-World dictatorship—and from big bucks to bad theology, all pointing to an Age ending in anarchy. Indeed, the Evening News won’t surprise old Zechariah. So may the real God please stand up?

By Victor Schlatter
Published by Evergreen Press
Where is the Body? Where is the Body?

Where Is the Body? was written for a self-centered Church that had become over-impressed with her own Gentile ascension into Abba’s overall Plan. She had forgotten—or perhaps never even knew—that the Good Book had been written by Jews, about Jews and for an ultimate ingathering of Jews as the Plan comes to fruition. Even though the Body of Messiah has been up and growing for a couple of millennia, it won’t be quite complete until His Blueprint is finally all rolled up and sealed at the end of the Age. Discovering the Church in the Heart of Israel.

By Victor Schlatter
Published by Destiny Image, Inc.


From a Few Kindred Spirits

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The Next Great Move of God The Next Great Move of God:
Christians Returning to Their Hebraic Roots

As a self-surrendered and successful Texan church leader, Dr. Vaughn himself became swept into the current flow of recognizing the believer's Biblical roots, awakening us into the Next Great Move of God. He’s "been there, done that" and has an immense amount to share.

By Dr. LaSalle R. Vaughn
The Green Horse The Green Horse: The Bible & Islam

Norma who is also the author of The Mountains of Israel has given us an outstanding probe into Islam’s origins, with impressive research, an ingenious title and undeniable insight into whether Islam dare be classified as an actual religion or simply a power-hungry political system geared for global control.

By Norma Parrish Archbold
The Soul of a Nation The Soul of a Nation:
Japan’s Destiny

In an undeniable God-moment in July 2010, we met Dianna, who had just completed her research in identifying hitherto un-heralded Hebraic genetics flung across the Far East, literally picking up from where I leave off in the last few lines of the last chapter in Nineveh: A Parody of the Present. My next book might well follow this one!

By Dianna Matsumoto
Showdown of the Gods Un-Coloring Race: Black to B'reisheet

Testimony of a Black Christian American: "Restoring Torah to the Gospels—and the Gospels to Torah." The author has interwoven his black history into a brilliant sterling silver lining. From an unimaginable childhood of horrific hell, his pages point to Abba's incredible Plan from Abraham to Jeff Morton to all the rest of us. A must read!

By Jeff Morton