"Buy the truth and do not sell it..." Proverbs 23:23


8. Where Did We Come From? (August 1992 Reprint) Might any of these people be from your province? Do you have any inkling you may have seen one of them somewhere? Or perhaps they resemble someone you know? Before you read on, you may like to have a quick try to identify where they come from... ...read more

7. Where have all the Children ... (of Israel) Gone? (February 2005) Theories, bizarre encounters and bona fide discoveries with diverse theological interpretations over the whereabouts of the mystery tribes of Jacob range from fascination to fact or fantasy. Are they for real and/or what is their relevance? ...read more

6. Third World Awakening — Greek Roadblocks or a Hebraic Road? [abridged] (February 2005) In 1961 I entered the near Stone Age Waola Tribe of about 50,000 speakers in the rugged mountains of Papua New Guinea as linguist, Bible translator and church planter. After some 30 years of ministry we stood in awe of a strong, growing and sometimes renewed church, with their vernacular Bible heading into a 4th printing. But that was only a beginning. After our own personal pilgrimage to Israel in 1988, the Waolas began to hear our story that sparked off a tidal wave of revival that continues to this day. ...read more

5. Third World Awakening — Greek Roadblocks or a Hebraic Road? (November 2004) The Waola tribe rooted in the rugged Highlands of Papua New Guinea numbers about 50,000 speakers of the Angal Heneng language. We entered this Stone Age community in 1961 and in the next 17 years, with a limited team translated the Scriptures and planted the Good News. By now the Scriptures have gone into a fifth printing and its message has birthed over 100 congregations. The last overseas staff have long gone, but the Word of God in the vernacular continues to result in tribal transformation. ... read more

4. Who Occupies Whose Land? (December 2002) The problematic label "Palestinian" was first applied to the Jewish Diaspora who began returning from a lengthy exile back to their ancient inheritance in the late 19th Century. The general vicinity had been re-coined as "Palestine" to honor a long-gone Goliath and his mates at the whim of a less than Jew-loving Emperor Hadrian who had run the Jews out of town some 1700 years earlier. ...read more

3. The Demise of Distorting History (December 2002) Something over six decades ago Adolph Hitler initiated it, and his propaganda chief, J. P. Goebbels, perpetuated it. It was the Big Lie of the century. In simple summary, the Jew is the decadent evil behind world finance, the archenemy of society, and consequently must be destroyed. Today to most of the civilized world, this is preposterous logic in the light of the political correctness of the 21st century. Yet in those days most of Germany and even much of Europe bought into the diabolical scheme, culminating in the genocide of 6 million Jews who ultimately perished in the incomprehensible treachery of Hitler's gas chambers, Unfortunately only a limited few of us are still alive today who would yet clearly remember those sordid details as they unfolded. But just as sad, are all the others who have heard the reports but have all too little sensitivity to this tragic episode of history. Philosopher George Santayana warned that those who cannot remember the past are condemned to relive it. And alas, that condemnation is once again heavy upon us. The Jew-the world's scapegoat since the ancient kingdoms of Egypt, Babylon and Persia-once more bears the heaviest condemnation of all. And today's world barely blinks.... read more

2. An Even Dozen (October 2002) We in Queensland, Australia may, regrettably, take the magnificent beauty of the Great Barrier Reef for granted. Our Creator has tucked away some of the most exotic majesties of His handiwork under the seas which cover almost 80% of the planet. As a result, billions of landlocked human beings from Beijing to Budapest will not only never ever glimpse the ultimate of divine artistry, but sadly, never even have an inkling of what they missed! And so it is with the Bible. It's all there for all to explore, but ...read more

1. A Review: Blood Brothers by Elias Chacour (March 2002) In view that this book has deeply penetrated Christian circles and generated not only deceptive impressions, but a basic challenge to the accuracy of Scripture with regard to the prophetic return of the Jews to their ancient homeland, I find it a must to enumerate the following inconsistencies: ...read more