Partnerships in Blessing Israel

ICEJ: The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem publishes an invaluable daily professional Middle East email news service. Annual sponsoring of the Christian celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles awakens the believer’s biblical responsibilities to Israel, along with an informative teaching service and a Social Assistance Department that aids the hurting and the destitute.

FRONTLINE ISRAEL: This site, along with accurate reporting of current events in Israel, features key Christian authors, local researchers and analysts, eyewitness videos and human-interest happenings from the heart and soul of the land. Its founder and current president, Joel Bell, is a committed, on-the-scene lover of Zion.

BFP: Bridges for Peace teaches Bible believing Christians to promote an awakening of their biblical responsibility toward Israel. They include a massive program of food and physical aid to the economically struggling communities in Israel, and also publish a valuable weekly Israel news summary.

VISION FOR ISRAEL: Barry and Batya Segal are Messianic believers who operate an impressive Joseph Storehouse aid ministry, as well as produce a valuable news bulletin that hits the high points of weekly developments of particularly prophetic or biblical interest.

EZRA INTERNATIONAL: They make tireless and selfless efforts to contact and encourage the scattered masses of Jewish Diaspora across the Former Soviet Union, providing financial and strategic assistance for repatriation to their ancient homeland in Eretz Yisrael.

CFOIC: Christian Friends of Israel Communities are a genuine Christian response to physically, financially and prayerfully support the G-d-fearing, struggling Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria who against the overwhelming odds of venom and libel by their neighbors, the media and the nations, have in followed their G-d back to His Promised Land in long sought redemption.

PROJECT SHOFAR: Another ministry worthy of prayer and financial support by Christian Zionists in genuine identity with a God-fearing, terrorist-vulnerable Jewish community in Kiriyat Arba (part of Hebron). In the face of hatred and violence from Islamic neighbors, the media and world opinion, they have in response to God’s call, returned to the first fully-credited Jewish settlement in the land as purchased by their ancestor Abraham.

TZEMACH: A Christian Zionist teaching service is the voice of the Tzemach Institute for Biblical Studies. This includes periodic news from Israel and the Jewish people, and especially involves Jewish-Christian relationships.

SONG OF ISRAEL: Hebrew music abounds, and if you appreciate it, you must certainly add the music of Russian-Jewish composer and concert pianist Alyosha Ryanbinov-and that doesn't even begin to touch his seminars, teachings and gifted mind.

Unique Partnership

LIFE WITHOUT LIMBS: This is a unique link not only in awaiting the promise of a New Jerusalem, but in awaiting the promise of a new body in the Kingdom to come. But for that matter, Nick even does pretty well with the one he's got! From the moment of his incomparable birth, Nick has been like one of our sons, and when your son wants to share a website, he's got it!